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Bulk SMS Solution

Organize - Schedule - Launch - Report your SMS Campaign 


With 95% of all SMS messages read within 5 minutes of being sent, the usage of SMS as a business tool is considered to be 5 times more responsive than tools such as direct mailing. As it gains importance and volume as a business communication channel, Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) and Mobile Terminators are expanding their services to offer Bulk SMS for the business segment.

To meet the needs of operators of different size and requirements, iQsim’s Bulk SMS solutions are available for implementation either as a service (Software as a Service) with hosted IRON Suite, or as operator-installed equipment with the IRON SIM Server One or the Clustered IRON Suite appliances. The IRON SIM Server One is the industry first standalone Call Termination & Bulk SMS solution, aimed at small to medium ITSPs and Mobile Terminators, while the Clustered IRON Suite is a carrier-class solution, providing very high scalability and performance with no single point of failure.


Feature Hosted IRON Suite  IRON SIM Server One  Clustered IRON Suite

SMS throughput (GSM)

300 SMS/min

400 SMS/min

50,000 SMS/min

Simultaneous SMS




Maximum GSM/UMTS ports




SMPP simultaneous connections




Call Termination Support




Key benefits
  • Central Server

  • Central SIM repository

  • Decentralized SMS Gateways

  • Organize your SMS Campaigns

  • Define schedule with starting date and time limitations

  • Get detailed reports on campaign status


Solution Overview

iQsim Bulk SMS Solutions provide a high quality, professional and secured implementation, based on the state-of-the-art IRON Suite SIM Virtual technology, providing the service-level intelligence to enforce and manage the overall end-to-end solution.


iQsim Bulk SMS Solutions Main Features

SMS Routing

Best SIM routing, SIM Plan enforcement, Daily & monthly usage control

SMS Reply

SMS replies router to the appropriate SMS application

SMS Notifications

SMS sent and SMS delivered

SMS Campaigner

Organize – Schedule – Launch – Report your SMS Campaign

Human Behavior Simulation

Random/unpredictable SMS, Call & Voice mail query simulation

SMS Credit Management

USSD/SMS/IVR recharge/top-up, bonus and  promotions management

SMPP Support

Connectivity to any SMPP-based application, such as Ozeki SMS, Kannel, etc...

Simultaneous Call & Bulk SMS

A single solution & hardware for a multiservice implementation

Web-based Management

Anytime, anywhere, multi-application & multi-user management interface


12 May 2014
iQsim introduces the R250, a new Mobile Robot for Mobile Automation applications

iQsim announces today the availability of its new Mobile Robot, iQsim R250, for Mobile Automation applications.

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